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  • Experienced Minds Make for Smarter Business
  • With Experience Comes Wisdom
  • Profoundly Wise Business Partners
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  • Avoid Corporate Excess

Who we are

We provide highly experienced commercially astute senior partner level lawyers (Sage Executives) to work in a business and legal advisory capacity to businesses ranging from ambitious start-ups to established market leaders, on highly critical, interim assignments.

We are the “go to” firm and have exclusive access to highly qualified senior lawyers and general counsel from leading global legal practices and industry.

What we offer

Business owners, CEOs and business leaders are often left wondering where to turn when faced with critical decisions or sound-boarding ideas that could have a major impact on their business’ strategic direction. They sometimes turn to their trusted advisors, but often the advice they receive from these is not sufficiently dedicated, independent, focussed or really what's needed.

We have gathered the best business minds and proven leaders as our Sage Executives. These Sage Executives are highly successful and commercially experienced senior lawyers from leading law firms and businesses who are now interested in working “client-side” in a business and legal advisory capacity on exciting interim , project-focused opportunities.

Their expertise encompasses various industry sectors including Private Equity, M&A, Property, Technology, Media, Retail, Financial Services. Through years of working in the legal sector they have acquired enormous experience of advising a multitude of clients in a commercial and/or strategic context and demonstrate a history of being regarded as their clients' trusted advisor.

Evidence of how effective lawyers are at moving into project-focused roles in businesses can be seen from following the career paths of lawyers that have joined businesses as general counsel. More and more of these are being moved into the CEO’s / COO’s chair, to recognise the increasingly strategic nature of their role and abilities.

However, not all business need lawyers in long term executive positions, or want to incur the high costs of using lawyers charging by the hour as their sounding boards. Sage Executives are available on a contractual 'as needed basis', and so help do away with corporate excess, but still offer the knowledge, breadth of experience, drive, determination and focussed dedication to ensure that businesses' strategic time-critical objectives are met.